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"Start a Family Solution Finder Learning Centers" book

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Substance Use Disorders is about all of us, and It is About the Family ......

 INSIDE THE "FAMILY SOLUTION FINDER LEARNING CENTERS,  you will have three products to offer the local community. Product # 1  The Family Solution Finder Learning Series for family members, Product #2 The Pathfinder Community Seminars, Product #3 Invest in the Family Ministry.

In this design the Family Solution Finder Learning Center fills the needs of the Family Members learning about the 32 key issue they are likely to face, The Local Community to better understand the family needs and the Places of Faith Practice to provide ministry in their faith.  

1. What if...  The flow of a family's Journey in substance use disorder was known by the family members in advance of the issue being presented, and they had the solution already defined, a plan of action on how to respond already determined, and a network in place of people and organizations to call for each of the 32 likely key issues.  Click and See: 32 download seminars tab.

On this website: 

It's here; we offer a Study Guide and Workbook with video's, power point presentations, meeting agenda and handouts, practical exercises and clinical papers on each of the 32 learning seminars that cover the families  entire journey. All the issues the family will face will be the knowledge they have before it happens in their journey?  

There are four levels of Family Solution Finder Learning Centers to choose from. The Family Solution Finder Learning Center provides access to this learning.    Everything you will need to set up a learning center with content lasting 2.5 years of monthly meetings is provided. Free....$$$

2. What if...  They could identify the solution to an issue.   It's here: we offer the family members a coping skill tool to breakdown an issue into understandable parts. Our solution finder model:  The Family Transformational Response Model (F.T.R.). 

3. What if...  The family had a best process model that takes their solution and develops it into a family values-based family decision making tool?  It's here; The Family Value-Based Decision Making Model.  Family Value-Based Decision Making Model. 


4. What if... The community and local providers had a clear understanding of the family members issues?  To learn the 12 core competency issues.  

It's here; The Pathfinder Certificate of Completion Seminar. This has 12 core competency issues as individual 1.5hrs. seminars for providers, service organization, Govt Agencies to teach their internal staff about the family journey. From this everyone will have better understanding of the family members who are the first line in supporting recovery, to serve these family members needs from a deeper place of understanding of the challenges they are facing. This will strengthen outcomes, improve continuity of care and reduce stigma. 

5. What if.. Each family member could attend a faith organization monthly ministry meeting with other families to learn about their journey as a family with substance use disorder, Where they can develop their spiritual faith practices and have a resource referral network to help them find support services as their needs change in this journey?   

It's here: Invest in the Family Ministry. This is a turn-key model in both protestant and catholic editions to offer their congregation a Ministry (not a just a support group), for family members on a journey with substance use disorders.


6. What if... The family could enroll in a Chronic Disease Management program for substance use disorders, lasting 5 years to cover the initial timeline of successful recover with services and outcomes management plan of care.  By treating this disease as we manage other chronic medical conditions, we will provide the needed medical, behavioral and addiction services in a structure outside the acute care setting, for better long-term recovery.

It's Coming. The Abacus, Chronic Disease Management Model.  This model will integrate the services of alternate site health care into the home for effective management of the client in achieving 5 years of abstinence.  Home Healthcare Agency visits, Digital Healthcare Management programs, Virtual Group Therapy Sessions, Artificial Intelligence feeds, These are all combine towards leveraging a new healthcare delivery system designed for excellence, using what is currently in the market, only with chronic disease management as its foundation.   We are developing a new healthcare delivery system: Alternate Site Healthcare Consortium (A.S.H.C.) to be designed to meet the needs of efficiently managing the long term care in substance use disorders.  (under development, September, 2023)

Can we agree... The key to EMPOWERMENT for the family is thru shared knowledge.  

For this reason, a Family Solution Finder Learning Centers can provide to their community a half day conference "Addiction & Family Empowerment Conferences" .  This template can be provided by your learning center to your community. Bringing both family and community providers together to understand and share ideas of what works best for our families. 

STAY CONNECTED WITH US: If you want to learn more... Take a moment to sign up and become a "Friends of our Family" . It is free but the impact is significant.   Register here: Friends of the Family. Receive valuable information about all the above topics and discounts on our conferences, seminars and books. 



Family Empowerment happens when the members  take ownership over an issue, Our role is to help them learn about each step in their journey, provide them tools to address these issues and meet them in the community at each step of the way. 



TO: A letter to the Family  

FROM: The Executive Director 

One needs to consider that there are five key areas for the family members in the Substance Use Disorders journey  to embrace as being manageable (under your control). 

> The First Area: is the ability to communicate. This is first because it is the most critical aspect to the family’s survival through this long journey.  LEarn about your family dynamic.

> The Second Area: is learning what the disease is and how it will progress. 

> The Third Area: is each family member must take a role to play and have ownership of their roles and responsibility. 

> The Fourth Area: using a standard model for finding a solution,  making a decision, and creating a family plan of action.  

> The Fifth Area: The family’s willingness to share in the spirit of God.  To seek first His will in all you do. 

 Inside Substance Use Disorders is created a special kind of spiritual journey for the individual, the primary caregiver and the other family members. If I had it my way, you would move the fifth area to the first place and the first area to the second place.  The family would trust in the Lord in all matters of this journey.  They would communicate their faith with each other in their “trust and belief”. They would learn more about their faith as it applies to this journey and make decisions from the understanding that God is in charge, that He loves us all, and that He will not harm us. The Lords hand is gentle, and it is He who has the final word.

I say this now, because in the end, each family member will look back and see this journey as their own spiritual development. You will grow in both spirit and soul. This is what happens when you give all of yourself to someone else in their suffering. That in fact, your loved one with a Substance Use Disorder is playing out their act of self to you in the sharing of their spirit and soul through their decline in this disease. 

They reach for the help which they do not understand. They do this in such a way so you can help them and learn with them. The caregiver thereby becomes a “Carepartner” in that they are both become one, together in this journey. This is a time of a great honor and privilege, to experience the closeness of God in one that you both love and treasure. It is from within our struggle when God’s face shines the greatest for us to experience in His forgiveness and love. This is the forgiveness’ and love that we share with each other, first given to us free of judgement and condemnation.

Therefore, I say that Substance Use Disorders is a journey across Spiritual Pathways, a journey of Mind, Body and Soul, for each member in the family to experience and grow.

My prayers are with you all. We are all one family in God's house, Sister and Brother in Christ, 

 Roy P. Poillon


Homeostasis is the family’s natural way of seeking balance. The family understands (knowingly or not) their goal, to help each other in life and to keep the family as a system "in-balance". When a family members' behavior becomes disruptive to the family unit, it causes imbalance in their roles and relationships. As the family responds to this undesired behavior, it compensates by making adjustments. The greater the behavior, the greater the required adjustments. An example of a family would be; take a family of four, two parents two children. Suddenly one child starts to present addiction behavior. This draws the attention from both parents, absorbing their time and resources. The second child is left on their own while years of attention, stress and worrying become the norm. From a development standpoint, the second child has been emotionally and in many ways physical abandon. The family system is out of its order and it will likely take therapy sessions to bring the family members back into alignment. This is taught in Part 1 Seminar #3 of the study guide and workbook. A 1.5 hr session with learning video reviews the different types of family therapy to empower the family in seeking the care they need by educating them on what to ask for, who to ask and what to expect as the outcome. This learning becomes their Family Empowerment. 

Educate the Family

32 Learning Issues In the Family Solution Finder Learning Series 32 key issues seminars the family members learns the topic of specific issues they are likely to face. Each issue has a seminar with 8 steps for a month of weekly meetings on that specific issue. The family learns the issue, applies the learning through Family Practical Life Exercises in the Seminar Workbook, Then uses the Family 3-D's Coping Skills Workbook to Determine a solution to the issue Develop a decision, and design a plan of action. The family will then use the Family Local Resource Connections Workbook to find a provider to assist the family in responding to this issue.  This is a Family Solution Finder Learning Centers Program for your local county. 

Educate the Community

 Local Community Collaborative, The community also has a role to play in education about the family members journey. They need to understand what the family is reposing to in the continuity of care. We need to learn more about the whole person as a family member if we want to provide the best level of services. The Pathfinder Community Seminars provides this level of learning for community agencies, providers staff and service program leaders.  This is a Family Solution Finder Learning Centers program for your local county. 

Support the Places of Faith Practice

Places of Faith Practice Learn how to use the Invest in the Family Ministry in supporting your local faith practice organizations seeking to provide a minstry for their family members living with substance use disorders. 

Using the Invest in the Family Ministry Model our places of faith can participate with the community in providing care for family members. 

Family Learning while in Specialty Courts

The Family Solution Finder Specialty Court Family Learning Program.  This is for speciality court use when dealing with family members while their loved one is in the court system. 


Family Solution Finder, eLearning Program

The Family Solution Finder, eLearning Program  is used to provide the Family Solution FInder Learning Series through www.zoomcom on-line seminars. This allows for both live and recorded sessions to be provided to their attendees. 

The workbook identifies how to provide a Family Solution Finder Learning Centers, eLearning Program. 

The Family Solution Finder Curriculum Builder Program

The Family Solution Finder Curriculum Buildering Program  allows anyone to build their own curriculum using the 32 Key Issues library as a source of content for each learning sessions. 

Get your Family into Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT) it can reduce relapse up to 59%. 

Your family can make a huge difference in relapse.

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If only someone had told me this in advance......

Addiction impacts the entire family system. 

Where to go for help

That all depends

Knowing the issue you are facing, empowers a family to seek the right level of help and assistance. 

The journey is also about making changes. Everything Changes. 

One step at a time

There are 5 steps in Change. Know them and determine which one is yours.