Our Purpose

Mission Statement

We seek to educate the family members living with substance use disorders and those who support them in their local community with a Family Solution Finder Learning Centers model. By providing the structure, materials, and process to stakeholders in the community they will educate the family, their local community agencies, and local places faith practices. This disease impacts all of us in the community therefore all of us in the community have a stake in supporting the family members in their journey.

Vision Statement (OHIO)

To provide education materials and learning resources to stakeholders at the local level for our Ohio communities; Families Impacted by Opioids will visit all 88 counties in the State of Ohio. The selected organizations and/or individuals will register and be provided the materials needed to start a Family Solution Finder Learning Centers program at various Levels I-IV. We will have registered 25 local learning centers across the State of Ohio in five years, with a range of 60% being Level II. Within each of the states four enclave, in two years there will be not less than 3 Family Solution Finder Learning Centers active with a mix of Levels I and II. Within the first 1.5 years there will be not less than 1 learning centers in each of the 4 enclaves for Ohio. At the start of year 3 we will expand our program into a nationwide exposure starting in States with a high prevalence and occurrence of this disease. Our goal is to have a Family Solution Finder Learning Centers presence in every state across the country by 2028. 

Knowledge, Awareness, Transition, Action (K.A.T.A.)

This stands for Knowledge, Awareness, Transition, Action. The family will need Knowledge about exactly what the problem or issue is so they can face it in their everyday lives. Then an Awareness of how this problem impacts their family. A Transition of the problem into a solution will be required to move forward. This will end with the family taking Action by connecting with a local resource professional, service or program. K.A.T.A. is the structure concept of the entire Family Solution Finder Learning Centers.

The learning center takes the family member through K.A.T.A. :

1. The Study guide provides knowledge about the issue. Module I. 

2. The Seminar Workbook provides awareness of how the issue impacts the lives of the family. Module II.

3. The 3-D’s Coping Skills Workbook provides tools to transition the problem into a solution. Module III.

4. The Local Resource Connections Workbook is action. Module IV 


"Start a Family Solution Finder Learning Centers" Download our User Guidebook, at no cost.

Click here to download PDF, The Family Solution Finder Learning Center User Guide

User Guidebook

"Procedural Learning" is how we can project change ......


has three products to offer your local community.


Product # 1  The Family Solution Finder Learning Series for family members,

Product #2 The Pathfinder Community Seminars,

Product #3 Invest in the Family Ministry.

Product # 4 Specialty Courts Family Learning Program.


We propose approaching the drug epidemic from a different angle. A more community wholistic approach where the Family Members is our focus. Gone are the days of static presentations, we all tried it and it did not work. In its place will be a vibrant interactive learning process of combined coping skills and knowledge, connected with local resources and getting organized. 


The Family Solution Finder Learning Centers fills the needs of the family members by providing 32 key issue they are likely to face in their journey with this disease. This is provided through a  local county level Family Solution Finder Learning Centers.

This is not a support group, it is a center where family members come to learn the issues and create solutions for their family. This is a skills building center which can have a positive, generational impact on our families.

This is different from providing a seminar and then moving to the next topic. Our structure is designed to provide a Procedural Learning Process of four learning modules (I-IV) that take the family member through 1.learning the issue, 2. applying this knowledge to their real life situation, 3. determining a solution, developing a decision and designing a plan of action. In the fourth learning module they connect the above work for this issue to a local provider for assistance in moving forward. 


From this we will have our community families empowered with solution finder coping skills and a stronger base of knowledge about each issue.

The focus is on the family and their ability to create their solutions. This is our single purpose at a Family Solution Finder Learning Centers.

There are no programs like this in the nation, and you can have one in your county as early as next month.

What if... in a family's journey with substance use disorder faced issues  that are known by the family members in advance. So, before it hit them, they know about it, determined a solution, developed a decision, and designed a plan of action in how they will respond. 


What if... they already determined a solution, already developed a decision, and designed a plan of action in place and had identified the right level of care from their local network of community programs and organizations to call for assistance. 

It's here.... We  offer a Study Guide and Workbook with video's, power point presentations, meeting agenda and handouts, practical exercises and clinical papers on each of the 32 learning seminars that cover the families entire journey. All these issues a family will likely face will be their knowledge in how to respond before it happens in their journey? 

Creditable Source:

 The source is NIH, SAMHSA, ASAM, Clinical Journals, Industry articles and published empirical proven studies. None of the content is ours, it is from the healthcare industries and has been brought down to the family level for learning and applies use. We have added nothing of our own to this content. 

There are four levels of Family Solution Finder Learning Centers to choose from and these can be your to provide to your local community.

The content is at no cost, the set up fee is a one time: $325.00 donation. completed through PayPal on our About Us page. 

Developing Coping Skills

What if... They could Determine a solution to an issue?

It's here: The Family Solution Finder 3-D's Coping Skills Learning Module III offers the family member a Family Transformational Response Model (F.T.R.). They will Determine a solution for each issue using this model.

What if... The family had a best practice model that takes their solution and Develops it into a family values-based family decision?

It's here: The Family Solution Finder 3-D's Coping Skills Learning Module III provides a Value-Based Decision Making Model. Using the 3-D's Coping Skill training Family Value-Based Decision Making Model. They will Develop a decision  for each issue using this model

What if.... The family could Design a plan of action based on their determined solution and developed decision for an issue?

It's here: The Family Solution Finder 3-D's Coping Skills provides a standard format to Design a plan of Action for the family to respond.  

Program Offering

What if... The local community agencies and stakeholders had a clear understanding of the family members issues? 

It's here: The Pathfinder Community Seminars Program. This has 12 core competency issues as individual 1.0 hrs. seminars for stakeholder providers, service organization, Govt Agencies to teach their internal staff about the family journey. From this everyone will have better understanding of the family members who are the first line in support recovery, to serve these family members needs from a deeper place of understanding of the challenges they are facing. This will strengthen outcomes, improve continuity of care and reduce stigma. They will Determine a solution for each issue using this model

What if... Each family member could attend a faith organization monthly ministry meeting with other families to learn about their journey as a family with substance use disorder.  Where they can develop their spiritual faith practices and have a resource referral network to help them find the support services they need as their journey changes?

It's here:  The Family Solution Finder Invest in the Family Ministry Model provides this to faith organizations. This is a turn-key model in both protestant and catholic editions to offer their congregation a Ministry (not a just a support group), for family members on a journey with substance use disorders.

What if... The family could enroll in an eLearning program on-line course, in the comfort and privacy of their home.

It is here: Family Solution Finder eLearning Program? Provides instructor with zoom.com instructions. 

What if.... The family is involved in the Specialty Courts or where a family member is incarcerated, they had have access to family member learning?

It is here: Family Solution Finder Specialty Courts Family Learning Program.

What if.... The family could build their own, individualized curriculum?

It is here: Family Solution Finder On-Demand Curriculum Builder Program.

Can we agree... T

The key to empowerment for the family is thru shared knowledge.

Shared knowledge requires structure and process.

All are found in the Family Solution Finder Learning Centers

~ we built it that way ~

TO SET-UP A LEARNING CENTER IN YOUR COMMUNITY: Call 440.385.7605 Cleveland, Ohio