Our Purpose Is To Educate The Family Members

Mission Statement

We seek to educate the family members living with substance use disorders and those who support them in their local community. To do this we created and are distributing 32 key issue seminars to stakeholders across the country.  A Family S​olution Finder Learning Centers is available to start up in your county. A Family solution Finder Learning Series Modules I-IV is provided at no cost. Educating the family members to empower them with knowledge is our single focus.

Vision Statement (OHIO)

To provide education materials and learning resources to stakeholders at the local level for our Ohio communities; Families Impacted by Opioids will visit all 88 counties in the State of Ohio. The selected organizations and/or individuals will register and be provided the materials needed to start a Family Solution Finder Learning Centers program. We will have registered 25 local learning centers across the State of Ohio in five years,  Within each of the states four enclave, in two years there will be not less than 3 Family Solution Finder Learning Centers active providing seminars.  Within the first 1.5 years there will be not less than 1 learning centers in each of the 4 enclaves for Ohio. At the start of year 3 we will expand our program into a nationwide exposure starting in States with a high prevalence and occurrence of this disease. Our goal is to have a Family Solution Finder Learning Centers presence in every state across the country by 2028. 

Video about the learning journey 

Education is a process of steps, having the resources to learn from is a matter of choice. We give you both, We provide a structure for finding the learning resource and process for using what you have learned.

This is a lifelong chronic disease for the person, therefore it is a lifelong journey for the family members. 

What you will need is an education library of seminars that provide  learning materials about the key issues which are likely to come up on this journey.  It needs to be available 24/7. 

Click Here: 32 Key Issue Seminars Library is that resource.

Clinical Study on Family Involvement 

​Video about starting your own learning center

What type of learning center will best match you needs and the needs of the family/community. There are Four Levels I-IV to consider.  If you educate the family, then we need to also  educate their community.

When we look at the drug epidemic we find it goes everywhere in our community. In order to set up a learning center, we too need to go everywhere, everywhere it goes. Therefore, we provide a learning center concept in such a way with four levels I-IV to consider where is the drug and how to get knowledge laminated into that area. Here is a hint, follow the family as they move through the community. 

Read the book, download here

Video about the programs you can offer

There are several programs that compose the offering of a Family Solution Finder Learning Centers. The reason is we want our families to run into this learning series no matter where they go within the community.  

Very often we see family members that are suffering in our community living with someone who has a substance use disorder. How can we help? Maybe they would like to take some learning seminars that can help them understand the key issues they are likely to face on this journey. We won't know until we ask. It will not be there unless you start a Family Solution Finder Learning Centers. So you see  it all starts with you, not them.  It needs to be made available before it can exist.

Family Based Interventions SAMHSA

Video about community education & collaboration

We need to start to chatter around the topic of the family members and substance use disorders. It needs to become a community conversation and this needs to be done in the public forum, not behind closed doors or at special meetings. The public needs examples of how to have these type of open conversations and it will take local leadership to be the example. 

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"Start a Family Solution Finder Learning Centers" Download our User Guidebook, at no cost.

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