You can prepare for what's ahead in the family's journey with addiction

Which Issue Are You Currently Facing?

#1 Family Journey, (Learning the path a family takes)

#2 Addiction Behavior, (Learn what to expect)

#3 Family Intervention, (it takes a community)

#4 The Police, (use to your advantage)

#5 Emergency Services, (Help is on the way, what to do)

#6 Legal Court System, (How to navigate the courts)

#7 Treatment Centers, (what to look for, what to expect)

#8 County, State Federal Agencies, (How to best use them)

#9 Life Long Recovery, (Managing Remission)

#10 Getting Back to Work &  Life Habits, (Avoid the pitfalls)

#11 Bereavement, (Learning how to move forward)

#12 Faith, Spiritual Practices, (It’s His will first and in all ways)

The 12 key  issues a family is likely to face

ISSUE # 1. Enabling vs. Disabling 

GOAL: To use this seminar content as a foundation towards building communication techniques that do not enable substance misuse. Also learn how to avoid communication that disables the positive habits of successful recovery. How communication makes a safe place for the family.

ISSUE #2. Addiction Behavior 

GOAL: To learn the behavior traits of substance use disorder. To understand how the behavior progresses and changes over time. Also, learn how to responds to these behaviors.

ISSUE #3. Family Intervention 

GOAL: Gain a practical understanding of the 5 Stages of Change theory. Be able to apply the motivational interview (family level) work sheet for each stage.

ISSUE #4. The Police Intervention 

GOAL: To learn the typical steps needed when the police intervene. Create a missing person’s report in advance. Learn the options and paths this intervention might take. Be able to bridge from the police intervention to the next level of intervention.

ISSUE #5. The Emergency Medical Services Intervention 

GOAL: Learn what to do in the case of a medical emergency. Understand what to expect at an Emergency Room. Be prepared to make the needed decisions required at this part of the journey.

ISSUE #6. The Legal System Intervention GOAL: Learn how to navigate the court system. What is the requirement for drug court and other options?

ISSUE #7. The Treatment Center Intervention 

GOAL: Learn what the treatment center will do and what it will not do. How to select the right treatment center using a criteria check list.

ISSUE #8. The County, State, Federal Agencies 

GOAL: Learn how to create a family Resources Plan by using a Family Resources Plan of Action Work Sheet. Using the list of available agencies to properly match the agency with the needs of the family.

ISSUE #9. Relapse is not failure

GOAL: Learn how to create a Getting Back to Work Plan. Using the Getting Back to Work Planning Guide match each step with the proper agency or program.

ISSUE #10. Successful Life Long Recovery 

GOAL: Learn how to create a supportive and safe space for the family and the loved one in recovery.

ISSUE #11. Bereavement 

GOAL: Learn how to navigate the journey of grief and all that life give us in these times. Contact Cornerstone of Hope, Independence Ohio

ISSUE # 12. Faith, Spiritual Practices

How well do we use our faith in this time of suffering?

GOAL: Invest in the Family Ministry