Achieve a Pathfinder Certificate of Completion for all 12 Issue Seminars

Which Issue Are You Currently Facing?

#1 Enabling vs. Consequences 

#2 Addiction Behavior

#3 Family Intervention

#4 The Police Intervention

#5 Emergency Medical Services Intervention

#6 Legal Court System Intervention

#7 Treatment Centers Intervention

#8 County, State Federal Agencies Services

#9 Relapse is not Failure 

#10 Successful Life Long Recovery

#11 Bereavement

#12 Faith, Spiritual Practices

Educate Community Agencies & Provider Services Staff

In a Family Solution Finder Learning Centers, Level Three the learning centers will educate the community agencies, local provider staff and faith organizations.  This community resource will have the Pathfinder Certificate of Completion Seminar in printed books, On-demand eLearning and available for on site presentations within their local community. 

Family Solution Finder Learning Centers Level III

The Family Solution Finder Learning Centers is a structure, with a strategy to provide the process of education  through seminars for  family members, community agencies, local provider staff and faith organizations.  All the content and material is provided. 

The Community Pathfinder Certificate of Completion Seminar, is designed to educate the local community about the family members journey living with substance use disorders. 

Certificate of Completion

The twelve key issues are learned by both Family members, community agencies and provider services staff.   The certificate allows the recognition of completion.  With it comes an expectation that learning is a part of empowerment, it is a sign of strength and pride in ones self.  An expectation is that more can be done, better. 

Community Mapping, Define Your Community

We will meet the family in their moment of  stress and challenges. This is done by identifying the place where  families are most likely to turn to for assistance, and have those groups in the  Community take the Pathfinder Certificate of Completion Seminar.  To do this , we need to map the family members journey within our local community. Where community meets the family, educate both.  Using Community Mapping we can take an inventory of the family journey:  Coach to school guidance counselor, police to treatment center, Emergency Room to Mental Health Center, Peer to Peer to Quick Response Team, Courts to Foster Care. Where the family members  go, we will go,  and we will educate.  These are the stakeholders, and this is where the family meets the community.   A  Level III Family Solution Finder Learning Centers has all the materials needed to educate both  community and family. 

Buildling a culture of Sharedness 

Sharing kills stigma, and knowledge reduces fear.  The Family member coping tools becomes future outcome improvements.   We recycle our love and caring for each other when we show up to make a difference. 

The Family Solution Finder Learning Centers using the Community Pathfinder Certificate of Completion Seminar is the strategy, structure and process every county needs in order to provide Hope, Hugs and Sharing in the Family's Love.  

Books For Community Stakeholders

The goal is to educate the stakeholder, their staff and those they come in contact with by using the book titled for their type of work.  The stakeholder will read the book, share with with others, then when in contact with a family living with susbstance use disorders, share the book with that family members. For example: Coaches would receive the From Coach to Family Table. This will give them the Pathfinder Certificate of Completion 12 Core Competency Issue Seminars and Family 3-D's Skill Set. Also, the eLearning Program. 

This is how we assist the  community to meet the family where they are, in their time and space, with a significant resource. It is a win-win for everyone

Use Community Mapping to find these stakeholders.

Meet with the stakeholder, Explain the Family Solution Finder Community Collaborative.


In the future, call back to find out how they are using the book. 

From Coach to Family Table Book

Click Here to Download Book

From Community Agency to Family Table Book

Click Here to Download Book

From Counselor to Family Table Book

Click Here to Download Book

From Pastor to Family Table Book

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From Police and Response Team to Family Table Book

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From Social Worker to Family Table Book

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From Legal Courts to Family Table  Book

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Education for the Family Members on a Journey with Substance Use Disorders. Book

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Start a Family SOlution Finder Learning Centers, Resource Guide Book

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The Pathfinder Certificate of Completion provides 12 Core Competency Issues

The 12 key  issues a family is likely to face

ISSUE # 1. Enabling vs. Disabling 

GOAL: To use this seminar content as a foundation towards building communication techniques that do not enable substance misuse. Also learn how to avoid communication that disables the positive habits of successful recovery. How communication makes a safe place for the family.

ISSUE #2. Addiction Behavior 

GOAL: To learn the behavior traits of substance use disorder. To understand how the behavior progresses and changes over time. Also, learn how to responds to these behaviors.

ISSUE #3. Family Intervention 

GOAL: Gain a practical understanding of the 5 Stages of Change theory. Be able to apply the motivational interview (family level) work sheet for each stage.

ISSUE #4. The Police Intervention 

GOAL: To learn the typical steps needed when the police intervene. Create a missing person’s report in advance. Learn the options and paths this intervention might take. Be able to bridge from the police intervention to the next level of intervention.

ISSUE #5. The Emergency Medical Services Intervention 

GOAL: Learn what to do in the case of a medical emergency. Understand what to expect at an Emergency Room. Be prepared to make the needed decisions required at this part of the journey.

ISSUE #6. The Legal System Intervention GOAL: Learn how to navigate the court system. What is the requirement for drug court and other options?

ISSUE #7. The Treatment Center Intervention 

GOAL: Learn what the treatment center will do and what it will not do. How to select the right treatment center using a criteria check list.

ISSUE #8. The County, State, Federal Agencies 

GOAL: Learn how to create a family Resources Plan by using a Family Resources Plan of Action Work Sheet. Using the list of available agencies to properly match the agency with the needs of the family.

ISSUE #9. Relapse is not failure

GOAL: Learn how to create a Getting Back to Work Plan. Using the Getting Back to Work Planning Guide match each step with the proper agency or program.

ISSUE #10. Successful Life Long Recovery 

GOAL: Learn how to create a supportive and safe space for the family and the loved one in recovery.

ISSUE #11. Bereavement 

GOAL: Learn how to navigate the journey of grief and all that life give us in these times. Contact Cornerstone of Hope, Independence Ohio

ISSUE # 12. Faith, Spiritual Practices

How well do we use our faith in this time of suffering?

GOAL: Invest in the Family Ministry

Family Member 12 Key Issues Certificate of Completion

Upon completion of the 12 Key Issues learning seminars curriculum, the family member will email Families Impacted by Opioids, to receive their Certificate of Completion. This will allow the certificate holder to qualify for discounts for all future Families Impacted by Opioids events and publications.  email: [email protected]

Stakeholders can offer seminars too

Because the stakeholder has the Pathfinder Certificate of Completion Seminar book and has access to the eLearning Program, they now have the ability to provide their own seminars to groups, organzations, individual families and as a speaker program. All materials including the seminar power point presentation with slide voice over is provided. All they need is the audience.