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F.I.O. is funded on my veterans monthly disability check, your donation is greatly appreciated.

For this to work take off, we will need your donation. Pick a stakeholder in your local community and order a case of 10 books to be delivered to them directly from the publisher. or make a financial donation and help us to do more, for more because more still needs to be done. Help us complete our nation wide mission. 

The Chinese Bamboo Tree

It takes daily watering and nutrition with five years of care before a Chinese Bamboo tree breaks the surface of the ground.  Then it takes 9 weeks for it to grow 95 feet tall. The lesson is that we do today what will grow tomorrow, staying true to ourselves, our values and faith. Even when we see nothing, we know something is growing which will be later the reward for what we do today. 

The Bamboo Tree is our philosophy in providing the Families Impacted by Opioids and other addictions. We plant the seed, it takes time to nurture, then the results are seen.

 It starts with a seed of knowledge and a willingness to change. 

Our fields for planting is when we get together as one community to support the families on their journey with substance use disorders.  By doing this we are taking the first step towards "empowering" as our respond in a proactive, forward thinking, leaning support for family centric care. This is a community epidemic, it will take a community solution.

We need to  meet them where they gather:

The Family ~ The family is their own best support system. Learning the 32  Key issues family members will likely face and how to develop skill sets to use the knowledge they have gained , build a support network and develop a family response plan of action will be a significant advancement in how we deal with the drug epedemic.  Family Solution Finder Learning Seminars Study Guide, Workbook, Organizer and Network Directory binders provides a learning series that everyone can have access too, free.

The Community ~  The community supports the family membes with services and programs, but do they know their journey?  Heres how the community learns the family journey, 12 key issues a family faces. This expands the communities awareness of the family members journey, improves continuity of care, reduces stigma and increases effectiveness of services provided. For Police and First Responders, School Guidance Counselors, Social Workers, Healthcare facility staff, Govt. Agengies, socail groups, large and small family support groups  The Pathfinder Certificate of Competition Community Learning Seminars Book

The Church ~ The Church wants to help, but is not sure in what way.  The church learns how to provide a ministry for the family members in their church, for those who are on this journey of substance use disorder.  The Invest in the Family Ministry User Manual and Volunteer Guide Book.

ON-Line Support: Power Point Presentations with audio voice over for each slide, seminar handouts, practical exercies, Skill Tools worksheets, and meeting agenda with clinical paper for each of the 32 seminars. You are full supported. 

The family can view these seminars in the comfort of their home, (Self-Administered). As many times as they want. 


Mr. Roy P. Poillon has a career in developing dissease management models for home healthcare in areas such as COPD, Diabetes, Asthma, and CHF. He set up Home Infusion Pharmacies and In the Home Hospice services in several markets across the nation. In 2005 Mr. Poillon created a network of international hospitals around the world for uninsured Americans to receive elective surgery in Joint, Hip, Cardiac and Dental. Recently 2014 he founded an Alzheimer's Family Learning Center for training family's members about their journey with Alzheimer's and other dementia's. Devote practicing Catholic he founded The Families Impacted by Opioids nonprofit, 501 C-3. This is needed because few organizations are focusing on the needs of the family members, and they are the epicenter for the long term management of their loved one with this brain disease. No one in our community is educating the family members learn about and get organize. We do, enter "The Family Solution Finder Learning Centers. Please consider becoming a sponsor,  Call 440.385.7605, Please consider opening an Family Solution Finder Learning Center in your community, it is easy to get started. Contact us. 


Empowering the family, made easy through this content

The Family Solution Finder Learning Centers

The family will have over 32 seminars 1.5hrs with Study Guidebook, Workbook and Video links to learn about their entire journey with substance use disorder. Materials can be downloaded free on this site, or purchased for classroom seminars on line at Now the family is empowered with knowledge about what will happen next and how to prepare for it.  

CHURCH MINISTRY FOR FAMILY MEMBERS: "Invest in the Family Ministry"

Turn-Key ministry for faith practice groups, provides The Purposeful Drive Ministry, how to structure a Family members ministry. Includes the Family Solution Finder programs for family education during monthly meetings. Provides SP~ARK's Spiritual Development Programs for spiritual group within your faith and M.O.R.E. program for coordinating services with between the family and community. Now the family will have a place to combine their education about the journey and disease with their faith practices. 

Community Collaborative

88 Counites in Ohio, Police, First Responders will have a copy of the Pathfinder for their learning and to give to families during a Overdose or community engaugment program. Same for coaches, school guidance counselors, ER social workers, GOvt Agencies. Meet the familie where they are in our community.  

The Abacus, Chronic Disease Management for Substance Use Disorder

The Abacus is a formal healthcare delivery system model for communities to use in developing a disease management services for patient after acute care discharge lasting up to the 5 year abstances marker.  These are similar to the designs used in Asthma, Diabetes and CHF. Now the family has structure and care provided in the timeline leading up to the 5 year abstinence marker.  Scheduled to begin 2023

Family Member Learning. 32 Seminars teach the family about all aspect of their  journey


Communities Sharing What Works Best In Serving Family Members


Churches have a path to provide ministry to their family's


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Control what is controllable, Evaluate what is not controllable. Get ready to respond through knowledge about the journey a family takes with addictions, Learn the 12 known issues.  

In three years each county throughout Ohio will have received the needed opportunity to empower their community of families in response caring for a loved one with a Drug Addiction.

Something better has to be done, because what is currently being done isn't working, fast enough. 

Roy Poillon, Witt's End Consulting, LLC