What is a best practice

The power of Best of the Cities Best, is that it focuses on the fact that Best Practice models should be applied to how we address the needs of "Family Members" in the drug epidemic.  This concept of best practices only applys to medicine is incorrect. All industries have best practice concepts to control quality, financial performance and productivity. It makes things accountable and transparent, which may be the main reason we do not find it in the addiction treatment field or behavioral health. Well, this is going to change, because now the consumer, the family, will learn how to request to see a report of best practices for the service which they are paying.  

Best Practices require outcomes reporting on areas of operations and services that have monitoring metrics.  Anyone boasting a best practice needs to be held accountable to demonstrate their outcomes, if not, then they are lying about what they actually do in their services. You see, you can not perform best practices and not measure activity, the two go together. Without one, you don't have the other. 

So we will show the family how to examine as a consumer a treatment center or behavior health groups best practice, in terms the family can use when talking with these providers. its time we hold the industry accountable from the consumer level. Bottom up in place of top down.