Addiction & Family Empowerment Bi-Annual Conference

Holiday Inn Conference Center May, 2021

Rockside Road Independence, OH 8:00am – 4:00pm

Currently Open for families to Register: www.eventbrite.com


SHOW FEATURES: Educate, Organize, Network to Unite the Family

The Purpose: The “Addiction & Family Empowerment Conference” will provide to families an education about their journey with substance abuse. This conference identifies the Four Support Structures each family will likely use, the 12 key stress issues they might experience and the tools they will need to survive as a family system.

  The Four Structures Include: The family as a system is the first support structure, The City and Community Services is a support structure, The School System is a support structure, Their Faith and Spiritual Practices is a support structure.

The 12 Key Stress Issues Include: 1. The Family Journey, 2. The Addiction Behavior, 3. The Family Intervention, 4. The Police is an Intervention, 5. The Emergency Medical Services is an Intervention, 6. The Legal Court System is an Intervention, 7. The Treatment Centers is an Intervention, 8. The County, State, Federal Agencies as a support system, 9. Getting Back to Work as a support system, 10. Successful Life Recovery as a support system, 11. Bereavement as a support system, 12. Faith and Spiritual Practice as a support system. These are the 12 Key Stress Issues that will be addressed at the conference for the attendee to learn, grow and gain Empowerment thru Knowledge.

THE GRAND SESSION (morning event)

EXPERIENCED AND SEASONED: Keynote Speaker, Jim Joyner is a Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor Clinical Supervisor and a recognized and respected professional with over 47 years of experience in the field of alcohol and other drug prevention, treatment, and training. Mr. Joyner is one of Northeast Ohio’s most premier experts in his field. From his vast exposure to the epidemic and impact to families and our communities, he will set the tone of our conference which is: Learning, Growing and Developing Empowerment.

FIRST IDENTIFY THE ISSUES: Andrea Boxill, Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services brings a wealth of experience in leading Ohio’s efforts to fight opiate addiction. Ms. Boxill will Moderate a 12-member panel of experts in identifying the primary obstacle a family will face in each of the 12 Issues. In the afternoon learning session, the attendees will learn how to: 1. Define the Issue, 2. Identify how it impacts the family, 3. Get better prepared and organized for each issue, 4. Use who is here to help the family and 5. What to expect as a possible outcome.


HOPE COMES FROM PREVENTION: (in our schools) Mr. Sean McAndrews will present how Bay Village Middle School has put into action one of the countries most advanced youth review programs in identifying the weaknesses of coping skills for each participating middle school student. This program has a proven success, 90% accuracy in identifying and ranging coping skills.

INCREASING AWARENESS OF THE IMPACT: (in schools) Ms. Karen Synder Director of the new Cleveland Improbable Players theater group will present on stage a playwright “acting out the impact of substance abuse to a family system”, for superintendents and school principals (High School and Middle School). The Improbable Players organization has impacted the lives of over 1.2 million students.


CITY MAYOR’s ROUND TABLE: (in our community) A moderated round table discussion will review the best practices of three premier city programs and identify why they are successful. The invited audience of Statewide City Mayor’s, ADAMHS Directors and City Police Chief’s will have the opportunity to learn what works, how to incorporate it into their community and share ideas on managing the obstacles.


ADDICTION COUNSELOR ORIENTATION: (in our faith gathering) At the faith base level, these groups can learn how they could have an Addiction Counselor within their faith practice, licensed by the State of Ohio, for services to their community. This includes all faith practices. The requirements for application to the State and the opportunity to sign-up for the next semester of courses (40 hrs. required class work) provided by a state certified educator consultant.


CONFERENCE STRUCTURE: To gather together the community’s Four Support Structures and address the 12 Key Stress Issues a family might face. For a daylong conference of learning and sharing to be useful, it requires the right people, the right content, the right agenda. It will be your job, to invite the families you have had on service or currently have on service, with your personal phone call. This is worth the phone call, this conference deserves your support. Let’s Stand Up to Stand Together and beat back this epidemic.


500 seating Grand Session Ballroom, Stage and Theater set-up

12 Member Panel Discussion, 16 Learning Sessions in the afternoon breakout rooms

50 booths of exhibitors from professional services and agencies to answer questions in the Exhibit Hall

NARCAN Demonstration, Job Hiring Fair for Mental Health Social Workers and Addiction Counselors

       To Sponsor or Exhibit Contact: Mr. Roy Poillon 440.385.7605 Website: www.familiesimpactedbyopioids.com