A Review of the Pathfinder Community Seminars

The Community Stakeholders are included

COMMUNITY STAKEHOLDERS: Receive books and pass it forward.

Above are call points for the Pathfinder Community Seminars. The FSFLC will call on these stakeholders and invite them to participate in the book distribution to family’s they identify as living with substance use disorders.

This task will be completed by the FSFLC Liaison and this will help the learning center to receive more referrals. Presentations could be offered to them at their location. 

A flyer directing the families to contact the learning centers should be placed in each book. 

Pathfinder Community Seminars Workbooks List

  1. From Coach to Family Table.
  2. From Counselor to Family Table.
  3. From Community Agency to Family Table.
  4. From Legal System Courts to Family Table.
  5. From Police and Responders to Family Table.
  6. From Pastor to Family Table.
  7. From Social Worker to Family Table.
  8. From Employer to Family Table.