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Improbable Players

Improbably Players work is designed to end stigma, educate around substance use disorder, and start a conversation. The disease of addiction thrives in the dark. We help communities bring it into the light and talk about it. We work with schools, towns, parents, and other nonprofits to approach this difficult topic. Together we can stop addiction before it starts and help end the opioid epidemic.

Our Complete Program includes:

1. Stages- Our kickoff show; a high energy SNL-like sketch revue that satirizes and highlights the misconceptions & consequences of substance misuse.

2. Workshop Series- 5 interactive, high-student ratio workshops where we teach about misconceptions, peer dynamics, how to say no role play, positive relationships, and coping mechanisms. Culminates in a showcase of student work.

3. Full Play- A 45 minute four person performance of your choice followed by a talk back led by our actors in recovery. Note: We can adjust the talkback length, but plan for at least 60 minutes total.

All of our programs are aligned to Health and Social Emotional Learning curriculum frameworks.


Programs can also be implemented individually. All of our plays are performed with minimal set and by actors who are in long term recovery from substance use disorder.

Our “full plays” are performed by four actors, run about 45 minutes in length, and end with a talkback and Q&A -program is 60 minutes minimum with talkback. They are all based on true stories.

I’ll Never Do That - Who it affects and how we cope; substance use disorder is a family disease.

End of the Line - How it starts; from casual use to opioids. Our first piece to tackle the opioid epidemic head on.

Running on E - Why we start; the pressures and how to resist.


Stages- The misconceptions that lead to substance misuse. This is our sketch revue. It runs 20-25 minutes and features two actors. We cover topics like: beer v. pot, excuses, appearance, peer pressure, and more. This show is also followed by a talkback and Q&A.