Screen Students to find who needs stronger coping skills

Preventure Program

To circumvent the demand for drugs, we must first know who needs help in learning how to say no.  It needs to be done early on. The ability to screen our middle school student body is critical for early intervention to take place>   This groundbreaking program PREVENTURE PROGRAM provides a school the capacity to identify which students need help. The Preventure Program screens middle school students for personality traits that may leave them vulnerable to taking drugs or other harmful choices they face at this age.  Our goal is to build resilience.  The Preventure Program  is proven to be 90% accurate in identifying weaknesses in coping skills.  By knowing who needs help, we can move towards  providing group work sessions. This program will make a difference in their lives.  Come to the seminar and review how Bay City Middle School is advancing their student body into empowerment through the implementation of Preventure. 

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